modern kitchen design

Thinking about having a new modern kitchen design?

After spending most of the last two years at home, our kitchens have never been so overworked. Remaining the hub of every home, it’s been the place that has provided us with breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea/coffee, snacks, clean and ironed clothes and more often than not, been a make-shift office or classroom whilst we all work from home.

Did you put an uploaded photo or green screen on to hide the state of your kitchen during working hours? If you did, you’re not alone especially when you consider Zoom and Microsoft Teams users rose to around 13 million users each in March-May 2021.

Now that things are finally getting back to normal post COVID-19, there is a new appreciation for our much-loved kitchen spaces coming to the fore. It’s time to put a little TLC back into the room that has given us so much since early 2020 with a modern kitchen design makeover.

By spending so much extra time at home, we’ve realised what works and what doesn’t. Not enough worktop space? Storage an issue? Needed somewhere easier and more comfortable to home-school the kids? Whatever your pain point was –  and probably still is – we have the solution.

Camwood Home Improvements works with customers all across Herts, Essex and Cambridgeshire creating the perfect modern kitchen design for their homes. We transform tired and restrictive kitchens into functional, stylish spaces that the whole family can enjoy.

How do you come up with modern kitchen design options?

Our expert design skills mean that we can plan your kitchen to perfection, advise on which appliances best suit your needs and create 3D images of how your new space will work. We will order and store your kitchen until you are ready for our team of professional and highly qualified kitchen fitters to turn your modern kitchen design ideas into a reality.

We will project manage the entire process for you making it as seamless and hassle-free as possible and we promise you will love the end result.

Let us take you on a personalised journey from concept to creation; turning your home improvement ideas and dreams into reality, with clean lines, ergonomic ingenuity and superior finishes; together we can transform your home, enhancing your entire living experience.

Bring your home to life with Camwood Home Improvements.