kitchen fitting costs

Thinking about kitchen fitting costs?

There are lots of reasons why homeowners decide to install a new kitchen; it lacks space, doesn’t do what you need it to do, is dated or unattractive, or you may be thinking of selling up and moving on and you know that your current kitchen may put off any prospective buyer!

The kitchen is one of the main living space areas that potential buyers focus on most and according to the National Association for Estate Agents a new kitchen can increase the value of your property by as much as 8%.

Kitchen Fitting Costs When Moving Home

If you are thinking of moving then you probably don’t want to shell out a small fortune on a high-end kitchen and may prefer to buy your own off-the-shelf kitchen and then pay separately for kitchen fitting costs. Similarly, if you are staying put but just want to upgrade, add style and functionality, but still do this yourself, you need to be aware of potential escalating costs.

A new kitchen is still a significant purchase no matter how cheaply you think you can do it. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Most standard kitchen renovations range between £5,000-14,000.

  • Then you’ll need to pay for the kitchen fitting costs.

  • You’ll also need to pay additionally if you choose to upgrade units and worktop materials. For instance, granite worktops can easily increase your costs by £3,000.

  • If you’ve chosen new appliances, then there will be the on-cost of plumbing and electrical work.

  • And, if there is a significant restructure of your whole kitchen space, it is highly likely that new flooring, tiling or decorating will be required.

  • You’ll also need to consider disposal costs as well; simply hiring a skip or paying for the old units and materials to be disposed of can be as much as £200 per load.

Transparent kitchen fitting costs

Individually, all of these add up to quite a considerable amount of money, suggesting that DIY kitchen renovations don’t always work out the cheapest option.

Here at Camwood Home Improvements, we do everything from design, supply, installation, plumbing and electrical works in the one price we quote you. We’ll even include any decorating that is required if you let us know at design stage. Our pricing is completely transparent so there are no hidden charges; there are no nasty extras for appliance installations or extra kitchen fitting costs – you pay the price you have been quoted.

Let us take you on a personalised journey from concept to creation; turning your home improvement ideas and dreams into reality, with clean lines, ergonomic ingenuity and superior finishes; together we can transform your home, enhancing your entire living experience.

Bring your home to life with Camwood Home Improvements.